I’m not a tourist. I don’t find taking photos in front of historical buildings and/or nice looking, fancily designed architecture exciting at all. And, I’m not keen on “nature” stuff either, you know the gorgeous waterfalls, trees, parks, whatever. I reckon standing in front of a museum or by the beach while someone else takes their sweet time to set the camera up, followed by making cheesy poses is a bit dumb. Embarrassing even.

I prefer experiencing things. Like being at a football match, attending a concert, having a picnic at the park or going downhill on a snowboard. Experience has more meaning.

That’s why I don’t have many photos. I don’t want to take photos just for the sake of it. It feels empty.

And hey, this is what I saw on the back of a beat up ’92 Hyundai Accent the other day:
Zero to Bitch in 1.5 Seconds!

It seemed funny to me.


Ladydin said...

Sometimes I think that way too, thats why it took me many taunts and teases to finally pushed me to justify getting a camera phone, even then i dont really snap snap. but waterfalls and mountains are nice, if you like the outdoor.

Anyway, was it a lady driver?

todek said...

Yes it was in fact a lady driver. If it were a bloke, it would be really odd, wouldn't it?
Anyways, I liked how selamba-ly she has the sticker on the car, she must have a great sense of humour. Plus, somehow, the old beat up rusty-ish, no air-cond car seemed very appropriate.

alfaizal said...

Bro u shudnt have seen my ex-bos car sticker.
'Sex instructor, first lesson free'.
He's a legend over here.

todek said...

Alah... the sex instructor sticker tu common la.