Well, you might as well call me Lemony fucking Snicket already 'cause I've been in so many bullshit "unfortunate events" for the past week. All in the beautiful city of Perth, mind you. To describe the trip as "disappointing" would be an understatement. Yes, it was THAT tragic.

The trip started off well enough though. The 5 hour flight was a breeze, the movies & food on the plane were decent, and the plane wasn't anywhere near full, so I had a whole row to myself. But upon arriving at the airport, we (my colleague & I) had to stand in a horribly long line to get past immigration. This whole bullshit queue wasted a good hour of our lives. We then checked into the hotel and soon decided to tour Perth city. It was already 6 pm. Everything closes at 5.30. But what the heck, we still went out.

We were hungry but nothing much was open. We finally settled at a kebab stall where I ordered a doner kebab. I used to like this stuff a long time ago so I felt that it was the perfect time for doner kebabs and I get re-acquainted. And this, apparently, was where all the trouble started.

Later that night, I felt uncomfortable as fuck and had a massive, throbbing headache. I threw up twice that night and spewed out all of my kebab meat. It was a disgusting sight to behold. I felt sick looking at my sick that I felt like throwing up again. It was ugly.

I thought after the whole throwing up stuff, it was all over. And honestly, I did feel a bit better straight after. But waking up the next morning, I felt that my head still hurts, though not as much as the night before. So I thought, maybe I'll run this headache off by stuffing a lot of vitamins. Hence, I drank plenty of orange, pineapple & apple juice for breakfast. And ate a lot of toast too.

We were due to go to our "workplace" after lunch, so we decided to tour the city again. And as soon as we reached the city, my head starts to hurt badly, pening kepala like hell, and I felt like throwing up. I was sick, yet again. I immediately went back to the hotel, straight to bed. Took a couple of pills and tried to sleep it off. Didn't really work. But at least, no throwing up. I forced myself to sleep.

The colleague came by around lunch time. It was time to go. I had to decline. I was too fucking sick to do anything. Then I went back to sleep again. The colleague then came by, now its dinner time. I felt too weak to do anything so I still had to stay in bed. Reluctantly declined the dinner invitation.

And then, soon after, I started throwing up again. 3 times. It was just as bad as the previous day.
I finally felt that I've actually vomited everything in my belly as I just couldn't force anything out anymore.

Woke up the next morning, feeling genuinely a bit better. Managed to go out to work that day. I felt it was a rather productive and successful day, which ended up with a "celebration" of sorts by having a nice seafood dinner by the river. Today no throwing up. Good.

The following day was the last day of our trip so we decided to go shopping for souvenirs, since all the work part of the trip was done. My colleague was a bit of a "tourist" who likes to get photos taken everywhere. I have no such interest in these things, but had to tag along nonetheless, since the dude had to put up with my constant sick bullshit for the past three days. So I took out my camera and began snapping away, lots and lots of photos were taken, and Perth is such a beautiful city. By mid day, I reckon we had close to 100 photos already.

But then I lost the bloody camera!

I was stupid enough to leave it at a souvenir shop and only realised that it was gone about half an hour later. Itu pun sebab my colleague asked where my camera was. Upon realising that we left the thing at the souvenir shop, we rushed back immediately to try and look for it. I found the leather casing holder thingy of my camera there, but the bloody camera was GONE.

I was so fucking frustrated and disappointed. And angry at myself for being so stupid to leave it there. It's just my bad luck.

To make things worse, that night I started to feel sakit perut. I went to the toilet no less than 8 times that night.

We had to catch our flight at 1 am but we still had enough time for a movie at 8.15 pm. So we went and watched "The Wrong Man" which is actually the movie "Lucky Number Slevin" which is a movie that I've watched previously. But since that was the only movie that suited our tight schedule, we watched it anyways. Cost us 10 dollars. By the time the movie ended, it was 10.10 pm. We had to rush to the airport by 11 to check in. And since the Aussie airports are quite strict in terms of check in time, we did not want to be late.

But we had to return the rental car first. Which we did. We managed to get ourselves slightly lost on the way returning the car. Fortunately it wasn't too bad and we got to the car rental drop off place by 10.30. Strangely enough, the area was unbelievably crowded for that time of the day. We then found out that there were so many people there because they were just coming out from a Robbie Williams concert held in the stadium nearby. Fucking hell. Now we're in trouble since a) we have to compete with a million other people for a cab b) there's a bloody massive jam in that area c) we won't make it to the airport before 11.

We did eventually get a cab and literally had to ask the driver to speed and drive macam syaitan in order for us to get to the airport as quick as possible. But there was no way that we'd reach there by 11 since it was already quarter to when we got on the cab. The cab driver was good though, he did drive macam syaitan, and drove fast. When we finally got to the airport it was 11.40. I thought that it wasn't that bad and reckoned that we could smooth talk our ways into checking in.

And as soon as we got into the check in place, we saw a long line. That was the queue for our flight. Which I thought was weird considering the counter was open more than an hour ago. I looked around to see what's happening and finally found out that our flight has been delayed to 3.30 am. What the fuck. All that stress and syaitan driving only to find out it's not even check in time yet? Shit. Definitely not my day.

Thankfully, that was the last "unfortunate event" that I experienced for the trip. Certainly was something that was both interesting and sad at the same time. I think it's more sad than interesting. Sad sad sad.

I lost my camera.

That is sad.


Zarin@Beng said...

looks like there's some incompatibility problem there, bro.

Hoping after this a string of good luck for u in the coming days...

FaruqY said...

I lost my PDA yesterday.. absent-mindedly left it at a coffeeshop! fuck!!

todek said...

Frustrating innit? Stupidly losing stuff

ladydin said...

ur lucky the flight was delayed, otherwise ud be stuck in a hell-hole and feeling waayyy worst.
didnt go well as planned did it? sorry to hear that todek. i know how that feels, been there before. but cheer up... its almost year end!! YEay!