What the fuck?

What the hell happened?
My blog is GONE.
Tried entering toddekk.blogspot.com and I get "this girl lost her smile..." instead of the nice blog that is/was Jealous Again.
I am pissed. Fuck blogger.
Will this message get posted?


Anonymous said...

i dunno.. everything looks fine to me

Ladydin said...

looks ok to me...

FaruqY said...

ntahnye todekk.. ada je? say, will u be joining us for futsal tomorrow?

todek said...

Ok. Sorry.
Everything is well now.
But I'm telling you the truth, this morning around 5-ish, I really thought I'd lost this page to some girl, who apparently "lost her smile".
So I was a bit pissed. At Blogger. For allowing people to steal my precious site.

todek said...

Faruq: Nope, sorry can't make it esok. I am at work for another 10 days.