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My beloved Liverpool have won 3 games in a row, the latest being a nerve wrecking 2nd half experience against the mighty Galatasaray of Turkey. Despite leading 3-0 at one point, the Reds again nearly blew it by some piss poor defending. Luckily we managed to hang on for the win. Must do better next time. Finnan is no good in the air. And neither is Aurelio.

But the Reds have been improving, I must say. Wins against Newcastle & Tottenham probably gave the well needed injection of confidence to the side, and the marked improvement showed so obviously during the first half against Galatasaray as Liverpool were intent on getting an early lead.

Anyways, it was really nice to see good old Danny Murphy back at Anfield, albeit in a Spurs shirt. I thought he played well the other day, and deserved the applause & cheers as he was substituted late in the game. He's not the most talented individual but his commitment to the team was never in question. I've got a soft spot for Murphy and I wish him well at Tottenham.

On another note, I'm back in good terms (I think) with one of my long lost friends. It's not that there was any "bad" terms or anything like that, it's just that we ended up growing apart and left things being really awkward a few years back. But a chance encounter during work had us talking to each other again, and suddenly, to me at least, whatever happened in the past was gone. I guess we just grew up wiser and decided to ignore the foolishness of our past. We began to remember how well we "clicked" and just hit it off straight away. I'm glad that we managed to bump into one another. It feels much better now.

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