Think About This

You get interesting thoughts from people you hang out with.

Last night, I was hanging out with my friend at our local mamak. It was just after dinner but was not late enough to be considered a proper supper. As usual, I ordered my teh tarik. And then we proceeded with our borak borak.
After a while the teh tarik arrived. It was in a nice huge glass and had a lot of froth on top, which I liked.
Unfortunately it was a bit too sweet for my liking. There's too much sugar, I reckoned.
But I drank the teh nonetheless, about quarter way down the glass and I didn't mind that it tasted sweeter than I would've liked it to be. I knew that too much sugar is not good, but what the hell. Belasah je la.
Now the glass is about 3/4 full. I then poured some air suam into the glass to "dilute" the sweetness so that it would more bearable for me to drink.
And at this point, my good 'ol friend asked "Why did you add more water to your teh?"
"It was too sweet. I wanted to dilute it lah" was my reply.
"But what's the point? You drinking the same amount of sugar, kan? Regardless of whether you add water or not, the amount of sugar still remains the same."

I didn't have a reply. It made me think. And I have to agree, what he said was absolutely true. I'm just wondering why I didn't think of it that way before. All the while, I was under the impression that less sweet means less sugar, but obviously this isn't quite true.

What do YOU think?


lillix said...

its true what you did that if you diluted concentrated sweeteners with water to reduce the total amount of sugar consumed.Or it is more on this way-the point is if you add more water, the sugar would be more widely distributed.since it is no longer concentrated, the easier the sugar clearance from the body. But in the end,it is the amount and most importantly what type of sugar you've consumed.In a dentist standpoint. less concentrated sweeteners means you reduce the pH level inside your oral environment.so.less occurence for caries.

lillix said...

the amount still the same though.still dangerously consumed.but you helped your body to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

at least its bearable to drink!!

Ladydin said...

it's at times like these u wonder and nod ur head that 'not all sweet things are good for u.'

sweet words, now that's something else. sweet affection too. sweet attention. sweet smiles. sweet love. No matter how u dilute them, it'll never be bad for u.

see, thats the kind of things that makes a very sweet teh tarik easier to tolerate. :-)

todek said...

I've been doing the dilution thing for a while now, ever since I found out my teeth are kinda messed up. Berlubang besar or something like that.

I like sweet smiles the best.

lillix said...
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lillix said...

sweet smiles.hmm.killer smile sounds better. everybody can give you a sweet smile,but not all can give you a killer one.heheh

Ladydin said...

actually lillix, sweet smiles can be a killer smile esp given by the right person to the right recipient, coupled with enough amount of pure natural sugar (in the smiles)...

lillix said...


todek said...

Anyone giving out any "sweet killer smiles" around?
I'd like one today, please.