Firstly, let's start off with something funny I just heard on TV. A scene from a Malay drama series.

Mak (sounding suspicious) :
Mak rasa ade sesuatu yang tak kena ni. Ayah kau tu selalunya sihat sihat je, tapi semalam tiba tiba je kena stroke. Mak rasa ada orang yang nak menganiaya keluarga kita Man.

Man (or maybe Wan, tak ingat nama, the son - sounding pissed off) :
Ala mak.. mana ada orang yang aniaya kita mak.
Stroke; memang la tiba tiba!

Haha, I don't know about you, but I sure thought it sounded funny.


I've finished reading Nick Hornby's latest novel, A Long Way Down and I must say that it is an interesting and hilarious read. But I had the feeling that the story was kinda tergantung. I was disappointed with the ending, only because the rest of the book was excellent. I still would recommend it though, Hornby once again excels in building up colourful and "real" characters - the story is told ala About a Boy i.e from each main character's point of view.
I'm sure someone would make a movie out of this novel later on.


I've seen too many teen flicks, romantic comedies, those confused teenage life TV shows (O.C et. al), and seen a few good examples in real life and probably have my own experience to say that falling for your friend is a bad bad idea. So when this mate of mine expressed to me and a couple other blokes that he fancies a mutual friend of ours, I begin to think "Hmm, well... this can become uncomfortable later on, dude. Are you sure?". But of course, I didn't tell him that. What I (and the rest of us) said was "Well, go for it dude."
And I wish him well. Really.
But I just can't help but feel that this could possibly go downhill somewhere along the line. Not that I didn't want my mate to be happy with his girl, it's just in my nature to be skeptical of things. I feel that the transition from friend to "special friend" is something that is really awkward, weird, confusing and possibly uncomfortable. And it is definitely different for the group since the dynamics of the whole "group relationship" has changed. Plus, I find it difficult to believe that you can be friends and lovers at the same time. You can only be either one.
Anyways, those two lovebirds have already "hooked up" - as the MTV generation would say and I wish them well. We all do.


Ladydin said...

not to say im not supporting local movie production, but up till 'Sepet', we're sadly very very lacking. at least Sepet revealed fresh new talents who are that, fresh, and untainted by the previous production, which looks to me like, very typical Malay-production. im beginning to hope that for less and less of the Yusuf Haslam type and more and more of the Yasmin Hamid type. but even her, people slander just because she dared ventured out.

todek said...

Agree but to me, Yasmin Ahmad's (I think that's her name)movies, while fresh and not your typical cinta movie, still comes across as trying too hard to potray our masyarakat muhibbah berbagai kaum that it doesn't seem real.

Ladydin said...

I think that's her name too. Haha. lantak je lah beb. im not sure if u notice, but most of our directors make movies as an extension of themselves, or at least living out their fantasies. thats why its sooo pukey. remember Maria Mariana? and now Sembilu 2005? oh gawd...