Away for 2 weeks.

Have you ever tried Coke + Soya bean? This was the dumb bet that my friends and I had last night. Whoever loses in our Winning Eleven football matches will have to drink one whole glass of CokeSoyaBean cocktail, or as we prefer to call it: Cobean. And I can tell you this: It tastes kinda good initially but it's the after-taste that kills you. If you're interested, you might want to try this yourself. And yes, we're (slight) geeks cause we play video games AND bet on them too!

On other news, I'm sorry to inform the loyal readers and casual observers that I won't be able to post anything new to this blog for at least 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I have to go to work. You can still keep posting comments and I can definitely read them (I receive comment notification in my work email) but I don't think I would be able to reply.
Hopefully I'll be back by end of the month.
But rest assured, I'll be thinking of ideas for future posts during these 2 weeks.


Ladydin said...

see yah in 2 weeks then! oh btw, im gonna link u. is that ok? :-)

todek said...

Yes, you may link me. I'm flattered.