A Cook's Tour

Have I ever mentioned that I'm an Anthony Bourdain fan too? Well, in the same manner how I am obsessed about Hornby, I bought both of Mr Bourdain's "cooking-adventure" books in one go: Kitchen Confidential & A Cook's Tour. Between the two, I'd say I prefer Kitchen Confidential but I like the Cook's Tour TV show. Tony taught me that cooks are COOL and not GAY. It wasn't really the cooking that attracted me to the show, it was Bourdain's cynicism and sarcastic sense of humour that had me hooked. A typical episode will start off with Tony meeting up with one of the locals and then being brought to the most obscure of places to eat some really interesting (if not weird) stuff. I've watched an episode where he drank a shot of snake blood. Whoa. He's been to freezing Russia, in the deserts of Morocco, jungles of Cambodia and bla bla bla. I guess it is interesting to see what people eat in different parts of the world. And watching an outsider showing sheer pleasure after tasting these delicacies somehow makes me feel good. I mean, in a way it re-assures that although the stuff looks weird it doesn't taste THAT bad. Am I making sense?

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