You noticed?

Today it suddenly struck me that Proton cars have curiously similar features as an Alfa Romeo. Maybe you've noticed, or maybe you haven't but I actually spent some time looking around at Protons today and made an analysis (ah, analysis - what an engineering word) comparing our beloved national car with arguably the sexiest cars ever.
So here's the similarities I managed to come up with:

1. This is quite obvious: Front grille of the Perdana looks exactly like the front of any Alfa.
2. The wheels/rims of the Gen2 looks very close to the trademark "telephone dial" wheels of the old 146.
3. Savvy has AMT which is a variation of Alfa's Selespeed transmission.
4. Alfa traditionally has poor reliability, same goes for dear 'ol Proton.

I'll hazard a guess: Proton design engineers are secret Alfa lovers.

I love Alfas. How can you not? Just look at the new Brera. I'll splash my cash just by looking at it.


alfaizal said...

Wait till u test drive the Alfa GT
Thats my new "in 10 years I will buy" car.

todek said...
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todek said...

I couldn't agree more. The Alfa GT engine is a beauty