Sometimes, once in a while, I like to reminisce about the past.
I'd recall and look back a few years and remember all the bands I used to listen to back then.
For instance today, while I was driving around suddenly I had the urge to put in my Taking Back Sunday CD into the CD player. I didn't know where the urge came from, or how it came about, and before you know it TBS is playing loudly in the car stereo.
Reminds me of my emo days instantly. I would be embarrassed to even mention that I listen to TBS now, let alone play it on my stereo ever so loudly. But in a way, it did become the starting point of sorts for me to venture deeper into the whole genre of rock music.
As the CD player begins to play the last track, I begin to think about the other bands I listened to during this whole "emo" period. Names like Saves the Day and Dashboard Confessional come to mind. I'm pretty sure I've deleted all of my Saves the Day mp3s so there's no way of recovering that back, but I do have a DC CD. I'll probably listen to it sometime this week, while I'm still in the emo mood.

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