You must've heard of Da Vinci Code by now.
And you've probably read the book too.
So what do you think? Good, bad or just plain memesongkan akidah?

I guess the facts were stretched a bit (i.e false) but it sure as hell sounded pretty convincing. I'll give Dan Brown credit for that. But apart from these dodgy factual statements that pop up every now and then, the actual storyline is rather weak. To be honest, I started to lose interest reading it about 3/4 way through. Maybe it climaxed early? Haha you can't imagine how dodgy it feels just to write that last sentence!
I have a feeling that the movie would be good. They'll show lovely old architecture.
Not really sure about Tom Hanks as Langdon though. But the albino bloke is spot on! Exactly as I imagined!


Anonymous said...

Haven't finished reading the book yet..just got my hands on it last week..illustrated edition..cool huh..but i'm sure can't wait to see tom hanks as robert langdon.

farouq said...

woi todek apa letak komen kat blog sendiri ni. hahaha anonymous konon jangan tipu! aku dah bosan study so i'll indulge myself in some non value added activity by surfing your blog. Yah the movie itself would be a nice saturday nite popcorn flick. harrison ford wud be a better langdon imo. tapi mak aku pegi louvre dia cakap takda pun reverse pyramid. oh and i thought i saw an opus dei stall next to campus bible study during o week.

Jones said...

anonymous - miss misery

todek said...

There, you see? Anonymous is/are real person(s). I won't menyamar for the sake of adding comments (not yet anyways). But yeah, Da Vinci should be an OK movie but Harrison Ford? I don't think he looks intelligent enough to play a Professor! Haha. Who plays Sophie? Tak kenal. And the old bloke from X-Men playing Teabing... doesn't feel quite right, I was thinking of Gervais (The Office)

farouq said...

elliot smith.. very nice. the girl is some french actress. anthony hopkins shudve played teabing. btw is it just me or does zamir look like ricky gervais to you hahahaha.

Jones said...

Todek... The professor - Tom Hanks la... which is ok for me... and u r right about the albino.. fit perfectly... ian mckellen is ok... the girl.. perfect match with character.

just an opinion just an opinion

Anonymous said...

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