The Blower's Daughter

I knew about this Damien Rice song by chance really, on a fine morning the video appeared on TV2, of all places! I've heard of Damien Rice a few years back, and how his album O was highly regarded amongst those hipster magazines. To me, being drooled over by hipster mags is always, always a sign of disappointment. Hence the reason why I never took the effort to "discover" Rice.
I still haven't listened to the rest of the album though, and am just forming my opinion based on this one track only. I'm a bit obsessed with this song recently, I've downloaded the mp3 and had gone as far as watching the movie where the song was featured in the soundtrack. Fucking hell.
I'm just fascinated by the feeling of helplessness, depression, sadness, despair and hopelessness that this song never fails to evoke everytime I listen to it. It feels good to feel depressed, if that makes any sense.This is probably among the bleakest song I've ever heard, ranking close to Johnny Cash's haunting "Hurt".

And on other matters, I hate you Johnny-bandwagon-jumpers who suddenly talk and comment A LOT about Liverpool. I bet you watched the Champions League final last year as a "neutral", then when we actually won the damn thing, you're suddenly a Red. You get super excited with our winning run but immediately whinge when we lost a few games recently. Well, FU. Go back supporting Arsenal, Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona or whoever the hell you think plays "good" football.


Anonymous said...

gosh..i cant help it..i mean c'mon all the topics u've posted really caught my attention...blowers daughter is like the bomb..i mean i can listen to it over and over again..the best part is yg time dah nak abih tu.part yg how to say aa..he's a bit 'high' like that..'i can't take my eyes off you' .kena denga..susah nak ckp..hehe..anyway..enjoy it.. its very nice

todek said...

Ahh.. it's always nice to have an anonymous but loyal reader.
Thanks, mate.

Jones said...

"the blower's daughter" gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it....
actually even when i solely say the title actually... really darn haunting.. gosh..

mind someone singing it to me? face to face.. wait never mind.. maybe i just play the video over and over and over and over again..