When was the last time?

When was my last post?? A good fucking 2 weeks, that's when. How am I supposed to be a "dedicated blogger" if I can't post anything every 24 hours? Gosh, it's hard to live the hip and happening life, my friend.

Well, a lot had happened within those two (or maybe more) weeks; work in the middle of the sea, an uneventful raya haji, broken my glasses, being charged a fortune for a new pair, reunion dinner, pulled out one wisdom tooth, being charged a fortune for the tooth, hosted an office dinner, and so many other stuff I don't even recall anymore. Oh, but I do remember the one day where I dusted off my CD collection and put on good 'ol Dashboard Confessionals in the CD player. That was so gay.

Is the new Strokes record any good?
This review is funny.
But no, seriously. Is it any good? Should I download it?

And are you excited? Are you?
Well, you better be 'cause this weekend its the mother fucker of all matches : Liverpool v Man Utd
Are you excited now? Are you as excited as the first time you saw naked boobies? Of course.

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