Black Metal is bad. Bad I say!!

Yes people, Black Metal is officially the worst thing on Earth right now. It's true. I read it in Utusan. Apparently, Utusan brilliantly came up with this great explanation on why metal is evil. It's something like this:


Notice the colour & font that I use. I think it stresses on how evil black metal really is. Red represents the fires of hell.
Wow... thanks Utusan. You must have excellent reporters who worked hard to come up with this SHOCKING!! news.

OK, moving on.
Happy New Year. I know it's kinda late, but what the hell.
Hope you keep your resolutions, well at least until the end of the month.


farouq said...

yo. found the link on wordpress 9498. saja nak tengok apa kau mengarut. but i just have to get this off my chest. the authorities in this country are really as ignorant and clueless as you can get. i recently made friends with
this dude whose band was actually on the bill that day and apparently it was just another "we wear mascara and dig My chemical romance" affair that is fast gaining mainstream popularity amongst bored suburban high school kids in kl nowadays. out
with the 10 mins pedal wanking of postrock (the IN thing a couple of yrs ago), screamo is the new shit homeboys!. but tell that to your average roti canai and teh tarik guzzling 'penguatkuasa' (no they dont like donuts), he wouldnt have the slightest inkling of what you just said. plus the silent law abiding majority is not ready to see newspaper headlines containing the word 'SCREAMO' anytime soon. want proof? go ask your mom. so thats where our scapegoat buddy BLACK METAL comes in. hahahaha excuse the irony but those bastards just love their goats dont they? my advice on the whole shebang? get jack black down here to give these penguatkuasa morons a crash course in rock music, SchoolofRock-style. or option 2, someone needs to include 'Rock Music Appreciation 101' into the current PTD syllabus as part of the 6 months training program.

todek said...

Aha!! Probably the best comment ever!
So all you PTDs better learn your rock well, alright?
"Roti canai & teh tarik guzzling penguatkuasa".

What's wordpress 9498, by the way?

farouq said...

you ignorant slag. tu batch punya messageboard la. mckk9498.wordpress.com. kau pegi dinner batch tak. kau tau tak pun ada dinner batch? tau la duduk foreign country hahahaha.

todek said...

haha.. message boards, schmessage boards. It's all the same, they're lame ass.
Dinner batch? Tak tau la aku pegi ke tak? Is it part of an elitist circle?