Merry Christmas!

I don't usually watch Malay movies at the cinemas, for obvious reasons (i.e they're crap and cheesy) but I did manage to haul myself to TGV over the weekend and watch a comedy entitled Baik Punya Cilok.
And surprisingly, it was an enjoyable experience.
Ok, initially I thought it was another stupid movie, or probably a movie that's trying to be too cool. The familiar-looking, Reservoir Dogs-style movie poster further added to my early scepticism. Ohh, another Tarantino rip-off, how lame.
But it turned out that it was nothing like RD.
It was hilarious and funny. Funny funny. Smart funny, I should say. It's not like a movie where someone runs around and gets in the head kind of funny. No, no.
There's Awie in the movie. And man, he is a funny dude, whether that's intentional or not I'm not too sure. This is the only movie that had Awie in it that I'm not ashamed to say "Good movie". Yeah, I didn't think I'd say that. But there you go. And hey, weirder things have happened. Seeing Awie without his (Harley) bike is rather strange though.
It's really a good movie, and I mean it. Do yourself a favour and watch it.

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