Raya ketiga

It's the third day of raya and I'm already back at home in KL. It was a pretty short raya this year. Usually I'll only be back on the 5th or sometimes a whole week after raya but this year the extended celebrations have apparently been cut short. Which is puzzling since I took leave for rest of the week. Ah, whatever. I'm confused.

Anyways, raya was actually kinda fun. Probably the best time of the year to meet up with family members. Everyone's in a (relatively) happy joyful mood, except for the little brother & the 2 cousins who have to study for their exams. Also, having 5 small children running around the house all day long is enough to make it riuh rendah. And those little buggers are quite smart too. Somehow they managed to get me to fork out more than 100 bucks to buy them KFC on malam hari raya. And another 100 the next night to treat them Pizza Hut. Bloody hell. These guys are good.

Conclusion : Cute children melt your heart. Damn you, kids.

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