Finally, I got caught stealing the header/banner/whatever-its-called. Sorry, ayie. But the design fits perfectly with the whole theme I'm working on here. No, really.

I'm in Miri right now, for work. Or so that's what my boss/office colleagues think. Well, you could say it is work in a way except that it's more like a talk talk talk with no action type of thing. Which suits me well. Anyways I'm supposed to buy some ikan masin terubuk for my mum, and where the hell I'm going to find that? Ikan masin terubuk? Ape tu? And I have to carry the thing around in the airport nanti. That could potentially be a) embarassing and b) illegal. Worse if its both.

I spent the past 4 days prior to this trip listening to the Ramones - Anthology. And I think they fucking rule. In fact, they're the rulest band ever and can completely kick the whole ass out of anyone. Even those blood drinking goat fucking Norwegian black metal bands. And goats don't make a good shag. I think.

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